We're currently working in 5 different disciplines.

Down below, let us know which one of these disciplines you like the most and where you see the most potential for yourself.
We'll save your feedback - and will get back to you on this as soon as an option to collaborate occurs!

We produce durable clothes with timeless designs for travellers. Possible collabo could be: We hook you up with free clothes, you sport them in your next instagram shots!
We create a travel magazine like no other. Strictly explicit thoughts on travel and hidden gems for our users. No fluffly ass travel romantics. Possible collabo could be: Share your latest travel story through our mag and open up a whole new audience.
We publish ebooks on travelling ranging from novels to travel guides. Possible collabo: Are you a writer or have you published a book already? Then we want to help you publish another one!
We hand pick the most inspiring tour offers and indie travels for our users. Possible collabo: If you know your way around various European cities, then we'd love to know you're favorite spots. Every time people visit your spot, you'll be rewarded.
With our own agency, HONONGA digital •, we work on digital marketing projects for international top brands that match our values. Possible collabo: We're frequently looking for creatives and artists with broad travel experiences that want to work with us on a full-time basis.