5 Micro Adventures You Can Do Right Now

Lacking the funds, time or right companion to travel? Great! The perfect opportunity to craft yourself a micro adventure. These 5 ideas will make you feel like a fully fledged traveller in no time.


1) Meet travellers in the lounge of your local youth hostel

Your city is full of travellers looking for adventure, party and new friends. The lounge area of your local youth hostel is the perfect place to meet them. Get to know at least two new people. Find out what brought them to your hometown. You might even show them your favourite spots in the city and party together.


2) Camp outside like we did as kids

Most of us have done it as kids: Pitch a tent in the own garden or somewhere not too far. Catch a fire, roast some marshmallows and share your best stories with a group of friends. Why have we given up on that? Let’s do it again! For an extra kick, you might even leave the tent at home and just sleep outside in your sleeping bag. Gaze at the stars, share a bottle of wine and reminisce about the time when you were a kid. Feel your feet already tingling with excitement?


3) Repurpose your environment

This is basically, how pool skateboarding got invented. The first skaters in California looked at empty swimming pools and turned them into skating grounds. A brand new style of skateboarding was born. Try to think that way about your surroundings more often. Where would be a good place to hang up a hammock? What would be a new photo perspective of your home city?  What if you went on a quest to explore the worst restaurants in your town? What would be an unusual location for a bbq?


4) Surprise a friend with a road trip over the weekend

Get into your car or rent a cheap ride for a weekend. If you know someone with a special car (think: a cool pick-up truck or a young timer) borrow it from him. Tell your best friend to drop everything and come on a spontaneous road trip with you. Make up travel plans as you go. Just drive onto the next highway and decide which destinations it shall take you. Oh and don’t forget to bring along plenty of solid road trip music.


5) Make it home with no money

Travelling is a lot about being in a certain state of mind. This can be achieved not only by seeing new places but also by simply changing perspectives. A simple but radical way to do so is by leaving your wallet at home. Take a train a few hours out of town and try to get back without spending any money. You’ll have to walk or hitchhike, find something to eat without paying for it, drink without slashing out a single cent. Try it and you’ll sure end up with new insights and a fresh story of your own. This guy actually tried it and ended up walking from China to Germany: Christoph Rehage – The longest way

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