What we do

We produce durable clothes with timeless designs for travellers.

We create a travel magazine like no other. Strictly explicit thoughts on travel and hidden gems for our users. No fluffly ass travel romantics.

We publish ebooks on travelling ranging from novels to travel guides.

We hand pick the most inspiring tour offers and indie travels for our users.

With our own agency, Hononga digital, we work on digital marketing projects for international top brands that match our values.

Through social media and regular gallery events, we are building an inspiring community of travelers from all around the globe.

A Clear vision: Inspire with values.

A Clear vision: Inspire with values.


What we want

Hononga stands for travelling as a way of life. We strongly believe that travelling educates your heart and mind. It helps you build your knowledge, train your tolerance and gives you an understanding of the world around us. Our vision is to inspire with products and services that represent this mindset.

Who we are

Hononga is an international collective of travelling creatives, spearheaded by the two founders, David and Oliver.

Shop support
Find most asked questions in our FAQ or drop us an email directly.

We are happy to hook you up with a press kit and a shipload of more information.

We offer heavily reduced product bundles for special shops and concept stores.

Stories & Photos
We'd love to hear from you and how our products or lifestyle have a put a smile on your face.


For a world worth traveling

We act sustainable. That means, we use sustainable materials and productions methods, we choose fair labor and our communication efforts promote a positive view on the world with respect for every living being on this planet. That’s our contribution to keeping the earth a place worth traveling.