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Instagram takeovers are a dope way to reach new audiences, make new friends and exchange travel inspiration.

1. Pick Three images

Out of your own gallery, choose 3 images that you like the most. We'll feature your shots on @honongadaily for one complete day!

2. Add captions

We want to hear the story behind that one shot or the feeling that you had throughout your journey. Get personal, let the audience know who you are!

3.  Make a post

Let your friends know about your @honongadaily takeover. Publish an Instastory about it on the day of your takeover or share the info in your gallery!

Here's an example

Hey guys, this is @johnpublic taking over @honongadaily for today! I picked three of my favorite shots from a recent trip to NYC - really hope you like 'em. This one was taken from Dumbo, a Brooklyn area that most tourists don't even get to. To me, it's one of the most amazing spots in the city, because of the gorgeous views on the island of Manhattan. Have you ever been to New York? Would love to hear in which area you usually stay or hang. #honongacrew

@johnpublic here with my second shot today. Ugh, I love takeovers. I took this shot on the corner of Central Park. Overall, it's hard to explain what this city feels like. New York is a huge mix of Berlin, London, Chicago, and Boston. But however much you are looking for analogies, no other city ever feels the same. Nothing is as huge, as diverse, as packed with culture, as intimate, as unique. It's the only city that we always wanted to live in and were scared of living in at the same time. #honongacrew

@johnpublic here with my final shot from the mother of all cities. It's funny how people warn you about West Village, because the streets aren't set up in a grid as it is the case in almost all of New York City. Funny, because in Europe no street is like the next one. If you look at Venice, for example, it feels like someone crumpled the street planning blue print and then just build it the way it was. Anyway, it was great sharing my journey with you today. PS: Always looking for collaborations! #honongacrew

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